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Park Facilities

Two Rivers Wildlife Park offers a unique experience to everyone from the avid nature lover to the casual observer. Within its five hundred plus acre grounds live over 50 species of native and non-native animals and birds, a petting zoo, hiking and snowshoeing trails, wagon and sleigh rides, a 'U-fish' pond, children's playground, bounce pillow and more. Whether you are looking for an educational experience or outdoor leisure activities, Two Rivers has plenty of options to choose from.


Welcome Centre &
Gift Shop

Located in Parking Lot A, the Welcome Centre/Gift Shop is the main building at Two Rivers Wildlife Park. This is where Park visitors pay admission and campers can check in for their stay.

The Welcome Centre is also where you can find bathrooms, the Canteen and the laundry and dishwashing facilities for campers.

The entrance for the Gift Shop is located at the front of the building. Stop by to purchase stuffies, ice cream, TRWP merchandise and more!

Jane's Canteen

Janes Canteen is located at the back of the main building/Welcome Centre at the Park. They offer a large selection of items to choose from, such as burgers, hot dogs, fries, sausages, chicken strips, wings, onion rings and ice cream! 


The Canteen is open Sunday-Thursday 12-5pm and Friday-Saturday 12-7pm. The last order is taken about 30 minutes before closing.


Fitness & Recreation Cabin

At Two Rivers Wildlife Park, we have a a fitness and recreation cabin for everyone to enjoy. Whether you would like to keep up with your fitness while staying with us, or play a round of pool, we have it here!

This is free for Park visitors and  campers.

The fitness cabin is located next to the Petting Zoo and Old Canteen building.

Swimming/ Boat Launch

We have direct access to both the Mira and Salmon River from within the Park. Park Visitors and Campers can access the waterfront near the outdoor stage. The swimming area is not guarded. Please swim at your own risk.

The boat launch can be used by daily visitors and campers alike. There is no parking near the boat launch or swimming area.

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