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The Casper Fund

Sometimes one little life brings so much joy & fun into our lives - that it just needs to be shared. Casper Higgins brought just that to his family & all who met him. This little comedian was not only his parents' best buddy & constant companion, but also the "greeter" at their Christmas shoppe. His favourite place in the world was Two Rivers Wildlife Park, where he went for daily walks on the outskirts of the Park, sometimes twice a day. In March 2021, two months before his 19th birthday, Casper crossed the rainbow bridge. To honour Casper, his parents scattered his ashes at his favourite place, Two Rivers Wildlife Park.

The family established "The Casper Fund" at his beloved Two Rivers to help wildlife who are sick, injured, abandoned, or in need of veterinary care. Many wild animals are nursed back to health at Two Rivers each year. The cost of their care is astronomical. The Park is self-supporting and cannot offer such services without public donations. Every donation to this Fund helps heal bodies & spirits.

Donations can be made through this website via PayPal or by phoning (902) 727-2483.

Thank you for caring, & for supporting our legacy,

"The Casper Fund!" ♥

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